Break From the same Old

I love modernism. I am addicted to gadgets, new technologies, new fashion and new trends. But, I try my best to embrace modernism in such a way, that I don't forget the old charm of the place I live in, or the places I go to. This is just a small attempt to bring up the already known spots of my city, but as a reminder, that these places exist and you should go spend time here in a new way.


Visit Your Wishlist Café

"I need to buy some dresses, and I also need to pick up some nice gift for my friend. Damn, I am also hungry, and I need to eat. Do we really have to go from here to there for this? I can't, I am tired." Doesn't it happen to us most of the times? We dream of a place, where we can get all of this together. Yes, malls exist, but aren't you really bored of malls? I am. And I think, many others are bored of malls too. So, I decided to go out again, followed a recommendation given by a friend of mine and reached this place which I always dream to be the ideal one. Read on, to find out more.

100 Bucks and Delicacies

Most of us love eating (except if we don't have diet goals). Personally speaking, I spend a fortune on food. Experimentation with different cuisines is one of my primary hobbies. However, times come when there's not much in the pocket, and the urge to eat is still high. The reason why I went out searching for places with delicious dishes at cheap prices in my city.

A traveller’s thought.

Wander where the WiFi is weak, and people are less. Whenever you are travelling to a place, make it a point to not to consider yourself as a tourist, but instead, a resident of the place. That way, you get to feel the pulse of the city. There's nothing more beautiful than roaming around aimlessly at 2AM, feeling the actual heartbeat of the place. Shots from the year 2013. Yes, it's pretty old. #travel #travelblogger #travelblog #lovetotravel #enthusiasm #nightwalks #amazing #nightlife #camera #shotperfect #like4like #happy #coldair #citylife #cityslums #navigatio

Moments With the Queen.

Welcome again to the tryst with the queen, Darjeeling. As promised beforehand, this is an informational follow-up which will be useful for you to plan a trip to this wonderful place. Being travel enthusiasts, it's known to most of us, that, it's difficult to plan trips to places which are not evident in the global... Continue Reading →

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